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Artist About to Blast Off: Trenten Priest

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Music Video for "Pulling Up" by Trenten Priest

From homeless to household name, despite the obstacles that have stood in his way, Dallas born artist Trenten Priest is more than determined to breakthrough in the music industry.

Music was always apart of Priest’s daily routine, in fact Priest released his first song on Youtube at the age of six entitled “Whiter Daze” (still currently available on Youtube).

“It’s a funny song, I mean I was six when I wrote it but it still goes hard,” said Priest. “I have always been around music, ever since I was little my mom used to take me to concerts.” Although his career is still young the singer, rapper and songwriter has already racked up quite a few substantial achievements.

“The music video I did with Canadian Rapper Madchild was a great success [and] I haven’t dipped below 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify in 2020,” said Priest. “[Also], my article called “How to Blow up on Spotify”, was chosen as the #1 Staff Pick on Vocal.”

The Dallas native has spent time as a resident in Canada, Los Angeles, and Miami, but at one point Priest was an inhabitant of his car.

“I was homeless in my car for about about six months in Oklahoma,” said Priest. “I saved up my money and hustled and moved to Miami, Florida. I also used to have a pretty bad gambling addiction and that’s why my music hasn’t been able to be successful until now. I used to spend all my money at the casino, now I spend it all on promotion.”

2020 is the year that Priest hopes to breakout and establish his name in the music industry while also keeping true to his values and a specific quote that he will never forget.

“The key to life is knowledge of change,” said Priest. “That’s a quote I made meaning you should always expect things to change. Whether for the good or bad, things will change.”

Priest cites Justin Timberlake as his biggest influence for his sound and the reason he makes music in general.

“My mom took me to a Justin Timberlake concert when I was younger and his stage presence really impressed me,” said Priest. “How he could dance so good but sing so good at the same time, that really inspired me.”

Priest describes his style as exciting, optimistic and realistic and his newest release “Work for it” is in that same realm.

“[My new song is] hype, motivating, and energetic,” said Priest. “I’ve had my stuff on all platforms since 2015 and I’ve worked with some big time people, but 2020 marks the first year I have continuously promoted and invested in my music career.”

For six months Priest was homeless living his car. Now, he sees six digit streaming numbers in his Spotify for Artists.


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Top 3 worst artists ever. this Kid tries so hard to look cool on Instagram, his music is painful. shame on Instagram for verifying that person. Imagine being so bad that I had to leave a review


This artist sucks so bad!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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