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Artist About to Blast Off: GodzNoise

Music video for GodNoize's award-winning song LBM

This Nigerian born musician with a family background in creativity has a mind headstrong on changing the landscape of traditional structure in the music industry.

Queens raised GodzNoise has high aspirations of taking the inspirations of those around him and translating that into rule breaking music that the masses can relate to.

“I want my music to play around the people who hate genre bending music,” said Noise. “[I also want] people to hear stories about my life and vibes that could happen in life.”

Although Noise has been actively making music for two years, he was exposed to the industry at an early age by way of his musically inclined family.

“[My family] formed a band and I was added, not by choice, from a young bull,” said the New Yorker. “We played all over the east coast of America. During that time, I picked up a lot of team building, drum skills, and patterns that you can hear in my music now.”

Noise is entrenched in a positive and influential environment, ranging from those around him to those he listens to a regular basis.

The people around me never fail to inspire me,” said the musician. “The push they give me, the drive, and confidence to do what I do is crazy! Big ups to verb! [I’m also inspired by] Santi, Odunsi the Engine, Burna Boy, Drake, Lucky Daye, Brent Faiyaz, and Sade.”

Noise takes to heart the quote “If u stay at it you will get it and that’s it”, which has allowed him to rack up a few personal achievements up to this point in his career.

“[My three biggest accomplishments] are gaining a fanbase, building a running studio, and knowing how fast I found my sound,” said Noize. “I used to listen to false info from opinions from outside my team and later realized that the only way I’m going to be GodzNoise is to be me.”

This groovy and sensational artist does not want to be boxed in and refuses to accept customary labels.

“I’m not a rapper, I'm a musician,” said the globetrotter. “I’m a Nigerian born, New York raised child that fell in love with music, went back to his culture, brought his culture back to New York, mixed it and produced a sound for everybody.”

This world traveler is well on his way to breaking the traditional mold of the music industry and emerging out of the pack as the one and only, GodzNoise.


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