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Artist About to Blast Off: Bongie Tha Yung'N

Music Video for On Another One by Bongie Tha Yung'N

Despite the blueprint of rising to stardom with Caribbean born origins not being an easy route, Bongie Tha Yung’N is determined to break through and follow his passion of being in the music industry.

The hardship and agony Bongie experienced as an adolescent lit a fire under him to pursue the path of creative expression.

While going into depression at 19 after a break-up, I suddenly started feeling an urge to create,” said Bongie. “I've been creating music since 2008, but only started taking it seriously at the beginning of 2017.”

Outside of the adversity, Bongie’s interest in pursuing music also emanates from being a product of his environment.

“My brother and a good friend of mine were already making music,” said Bongie. “So that influenced me to become obsessed with music magazines, publications of all sorts, and tons of music videos. I was just fascinated with the lifestyle of a recording artist, which in turn pushed me to start creating music.”

The St. Thomas Virgin Islands native classifies his musical style as cool and urban, taking heed of the artists of today and yesteryear.

“I was mainly first inspired by Lil Wayne hugely,” said Tha Yung’N. “Then later on artists [like] Rick Ross, Future, Drake, and now Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Polo G to name a few.”

Since releasing his first 14 song project in 2018, Bongie has become acquainted with the various obstacles that stand in his way on his road to stardom.

“Lots of learning from trial and error pertaining to all aspects of the industry and just the everyday hustle,” said Tha Yung’N. “Personal development, long hours, and nonstop pursuing is required to become a successful independent artist.”

The San Diego resident is on a mission for greatness and his passion for creativity stems far beyond the love of a dollar.

I can earn an above-average income by being an above-average person", said Bongie. “I want brand awareness, people to appreciate my artistry and music, an increasingly loyal fan base and to motivate and inspire others.”

Bongie brings a unique skill and mindset to the table and is committed to exhibiting that on a large-scale.

“My perspective, mindset, the place that I'm from, my voice, my image, experiences, my mannerisms, and the way that I carry myself are all contributing factors that make me different from other rappers,” said Bongie. “Really just the passion and love I have for all aspects of the craft. From creating, to the business side of it, down to building relationships.”

The journey out of the Caribbean was grueling enough, but not as grueling as the effort Tha Yung’N plans to put in in order to reach his goals in the music industry.


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