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About the Founder

Taylor Elajas

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Celebrity Interviewer and content creator turned entrepreneur, Taylor Elajas is most notable for going viral on Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for his video “Is Reverse Racism Real?”. In 2020, Taylor Elajas rolled out his entertainment network the “Elajas Broadcast Network” which displays content, on the daily, produced by the EBN as well sponsored videos by artists, content creators, directors, etc.

Elajas Getting Interviewed

Elajas Getting Interviewed

Interview with Alex Hymes

tie jones x taylor elajas interview cove

Interview with Tie Jones

Interview with Alex Hymes

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Interview with Tai Dayy

This video has been deleted.

Interview with DJ Deem



"Transmissive" Music Video

"You Not Me" Music Video

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