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Artist About to Blast Off: Lames

Music video for Chega Dessa Vida by Lames

Jack of all trades artist Lames has taken the world by storm with his aesthetic, lofi, laid back sound that is truly distinctive to his artistry.

The community El Dorado Hills may not jump out as a hub of music, but this suburbs in Sacramento, California is where Lames molded himself into an artist with the ability to produce, write, engineer and release music.

"I would say that I stand out because I do everything myself," said the 17 year old. "I make the beats, write the lyrics, level and produce the songs by myself in my bedroom. Personally I think this can result in a sometimes rough, but original sound unique to me."

At the age of 15, give or take, Lames started taking the act of creating music seriously after it initially started as a fun hobby.

"[I've been making music] technically since I was 13, but I'd say I was 15 or 16 when I actually started to try and put more effort into it," said Lames. "My friends got me into rapping because we started making songs for fun together, and then watching producers on YouTube and videos like the Genius Deconstructed ones got me interested in producing and making beats."

On his way to 400,000 streams on Spotify, Lames encountered morale and self-motivation issues, citing that the only obstacle that he faces is the person looking back in the mirror.

"I wouldn't say I have faced many outside or external obstacles so far, the main thing I feel that holds me back sometimes is myself," said Lames. "I'll feel unconfident in my work or I feel I need to make a song to keep people entertained when I'm not really in the mood to."

Lames' simplistic lofi style has earned him fans from around the globe, as well as a follow on Instagram from notable meme rapper Yung Nugget.

"Having people from all over the world reach out to me and tell me that my song/songs made their day better keeps me going," said the California native. "I just want to make other people happy honestly, the money and fame is just an added bonus. Seeing people reach out to me saying that a song I made in my bedroom changed their life or made their day is the best feeling I can get from making music, and one of the best feelings I've experienced so far in my life."

Lames has modeled his cadence and genre of choice along with how he carries himself by staying in tune with rappers such as $NOT and other artists.

"Denzel Curry is my favorite artist and rapper so I look up to him as a role model for how an artist should be and carry themselves," said Lames. "From a sound perspective I take influence from people like ilyTOMMY, $NOT, and Rich Brian."

If touching the minds and hearts of many wasn't proof enough, the 17 year old received a sign from a fortune cookie at a Panda Express that was all the proof he needed to never stop grinding.

"Funny enough right around the time I started to make solo music, I got a message out of a fortune cookie from Panda Express that said, "The world is ready to receive your talents - don't hold back". I still have it and keep it on my desk where I make beats and record my songs."

Lames is fortunate enough to have reached an astounding milestone of 400,000 streams on Spotify and and if the fortune cookie's prediction is correct, Lames has much more greatness to accomplish along the way.


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