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Artist About to Blast Off: AllStar Jay

Music Video for We Poppin by AllStar Jay

Upcoming rapper AllStar Jay puts the “IN” in both independent and Indiana, paving the way for his own success coming from a city with little history of mainstream rappers.

Although the Indianapolis native has been making music for three years, the ability to create is in his family lineage.

“My great-grandfather was a part of “The Blues” and my granddad was very well known around my city,” said Jay. “Basically generations of music is in my blood!”

His melodic and emo sounds stem from being inspired by listening to artists such as Lil Durk among others.

“Some of the artists who influenced me are Michael Jackson, Chief Keef, Lil Durk , G Herbo, Lil Wayne, T.I.” said Jay. “Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and of course my family."

The dark-trap artist has experienced many hardships in his time on the rise to become the perseverant and dedicated man he is today.

“I had to dang near lose everything from the inside out,” said the Indy resident. “Losing people to death or the jail cell and even some that just turned their backs on me. It ended up making me the person I am today, the person who has a new light, new determination and purpose!”

Amidst the stormy days, Jay always keeps two quotes in mind that give him peace of mind to keep striving for greatness.

“[The first quote that keeps me going is] “a man that doesn't work won’t eat”, said Jay. “[The second quote that keeps me going is] “it is what it is, what it ain’t it’ll never be.”

Despite the pain and turmoil, Jay has racked up a few accomplishments in his career thus far to build up his resume.

“I’ve been on Time2Grind radio,” said Jay. “Performed for Coast to Coast and won awards for different talent shows in my city!”

Even early in his career, Jay acknowledges that to rise above the saturated music scene, one must remain true to themselves and stay unpretentious.

“I feel what makes me different from other rappers is that I am a real person.” Jay said. “I don’t act fake towards anyone. If you’re loyal to me then I’m going to be loyal to you. I am very determined to get to my goal and I won’t stop until I get there and I will do whatever it takes to get there. I’m humble because I know what it’s like to be at the bottom and I’m just trying to make sure I put on for me and my loved ones.”

The odds may be stacked against him, but AllStar Jay is relentless in his pursuit to break through the troubles of the environment around him.


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