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Artist About to Blast Off: CAL.

Music Video for The Making of Ocean by CAL. featuring Robbie Nova

Mount Vernon resident CAL. has big plans for his career in the music industry, desiring to not only build a community but teach the masses as well.

The New York native has been entrenched in the creative field since his adolescent days and as he grew older, he decided to chase his innate captivation with the art of writing music.

"I’ve been creatively writing and recording since eleven years old," said CAL. "I used to write other artists lyrics out. I was fascinated with how they put words together, so i wanted to give it a try myself."

CAL.'s interest in creating and releasing music stems deeper than garnering revenue, his purpose is driven by what he can provide for others.

"Community building and networking [inspires me]," said CAL. "Life can sometimes burden your creativeness, but the itch is always there, reminding me what my passion is."

Listening to artists such as Biggie, 2Pac and Big Pun provided a release for the New Yorker and contributed to him jumping in the ring himself.

"Music is a sense of relief for me, a distraction if you will," said CAL. "I see other artists grinding [and] chasing the same high. They motivate me to keep making music. My latest song 24/7 Overtime describes my work ethic as of recently."

Artist, graphic designer and entrepreneur CAL. cites assisting and uplifting artists as one of his many accomplishments in his young career.

"Building my own network, partnering up with a indie label and helping other artists. Those are my biggest three accomplishments." said CAL. "What makes me distinctively different from other rappers is my desire to teach and help others. I'm selfless with my knowledge. If I can help a fellow artist along the way, whether its with advice, mentoring or guidance, I’d go all out for you as I do for myself. Building a network and relationships in this game is really the best way to blow up and I mean that in the sense of having your own team and brand. There's room for all of us, how bout we all grow together!"

CAL. describes his music as interesting, diverse, and creative, however; it took battling through mental hurdles to reach that level of confidence in his sound.

"Self doubt held me back for many years," said CAL. "Overthinking is a disease in its own. Keep those two and you’ll never get anything done."

CAL. shares a tip to his viewers on how to overcome insecurity and uncertainty in oneself.

"Best advice I can give you is to let go and do what you love without worrying about opinions," said CAL. "Don't get in your own way of your success. Once I realized that, I’ve made great accomplishments with what I got going on. It's only up from here. This is a quote I told myself to keep going and pursue all my desires. Sometimes pep talks to yourself is much needed."

Once CAL. achieved victory in his battle versus self, it has been only green pastures in his journey to success and over 100,000 streams on Spotify.

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