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Artist About to Blast Off: Karmaa

Music video for Karmaa's award-winning song Werkk

We’re all passionate, so we say, but Karmaa is built differently. If California born Karmaa were to lose her ability to make music, death would be the only option afterwards.

Current Texas resident has had music in her blood since day 1, from her musically inclined relatives to her rockstar parents, she was bound to become a recording artist.

“Music is in my blood,” said Karmaa. “My grandparents all sing and play instruments. My mom was an 80's/90's clubber, so we always had hip hop and rap and my dad was very rock and roll with a side of Kelly Clarkson. Music has always brought me joy and to be able to create it myself is exhilarating.”

Karmaa has been songwriting since she was 13 and views music as a way to express her feelings and emotions, she always saw it as a saving grace for her.

“Music has saved me time and time again,” said the California native. “It's always the easiest way for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings. It's how I express myself. To stop music for me would be the same as death.

Although Karmaa has been songwriting since 13, she has only been creating and distributing music since 2017.

”I still have a long journey ahead of me,” said Karmaa. “[but] my first achievement was performing for the first time outside of karaoke. Dec 20, 2019, I got on stage and didn't forget a single word which was huge for me.”

Despite the obstacles 2020 has presented, Karmaa keeps cooking. With several months still left in the year, she has racked up a few notable accomplishments.

“My second biggest achievement was releasing my pride track WERKK,” said Karmaa. “I was scared it would diminish any career I could've potentially had, but I decided I won't hide who I am. I can't inspire the uninspired if I'm not myself and don't practice what I preach. My third [biggest achievement] was winning the award for "Best Pop Song" Spring 2020 from the World Songwriting Awards for the very song I was scared to release, WERKK.

Karmaa describes her sound as original, unique, and relatable and has several artists such as Salt N Pepa, TLC and Missy Elliott to thank for what she has developed.

Aaliyah, Kehlani, Camila Cabello and Russ are my go to inspirations when I'm in my feels,” said the songwriter. “I've always been inspired by RuPaul, Taylor Swift and Todrick Hall for being themselves even when people told them not to be. I admire that [and that] shows in my music.”

Karmaa is relentless and determined to use her natural talents and acquired skills to make releasing and writing music her undisputed career.

”I am only 3 years in and have done so much already,” said Karmaa. “I was destined for this and I’ll show everyone, including myself, that I was put here for this.”

Karmaa is poised for greatness and will rack up her good karma by saving and inspiring others who didn’t know they needed it.


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